Wedding Albums

This page is to give you some information about the process and what I offer.  Just like everything else pertaining to Dennis Pike Photography I want to make the process as simple and as fun as possible!


Image Selection

You get to select your images directly from your wedding gallery.  I've found that usually about 50-70 images work best for the albums.  When you're ready to select your images, all you have to do is sign into your gallery with an email address and select the images you want as "favorites".  I can then see what you have selected and then make an initial design from those images.



I create a design from the images you select and once that's done, I email you a PDF of said design for you to either approve or make changes to.  I'm happy to make as many changes as you'd like, although I'll be incredibly offended if you don't think the first design is perfect.  (Since text doesn't convey inflection that is a joke)


Once you approve the design and choose a cover (more on those in a minute)  I send it away to be printed.  The turnaround time on printing can vary depending on the time of year.  The holidays, for example, are far busier and therefor it takes longer to get an album back, but you can usually expect 3-5 weeks.


I offer 4 different types of covers.  You can have a full leather wrap, a metallic cover, an image panel, or an image wrap.  If you need to see and feel these in person, I am happy to get together with you so you can hold and feel everything.  


Again, I like to keep things simple across the board.  Wedding albums Are $1200, regardless of the cover you choose.  They are a standard size of 10x10 and 20 pages.  Size and page page number upgrades are available.

Parent albums are $400 each, and are the same books used for Engagement guest books.


If you have any questions regarding anything albums, please don't hesitate to ask!