The Sands At Lido Beach - Long Island Wedding Photography - Christine & Mike

I have often told other wedding photographers that I truly have the best clients ever.  I stand by that.  Christine & Mike were no exception.  We clicked from the moment we met, we had a great time during their engagement shoot, and ever since then I have been looking forward to their wedding.  It did not disappoint.  I don't think I saw a single person that day without a huge smile plastered across their face.  I know I had one the whole time.  The only thing I can say is their reception was a little quiet and reserved for my tastes.  Their friends and family could really learn to  loosen up a little, just  let loose, and have a good time. (I wish there was a sarcasm font)  As always, a big thank you to Mr Zack Delaune for his 2nd shooting skills.