Naomi & Aseem, Parsippany Wedding Photography

Not long ago, I was talking to fellow wedding photographer, the extremely talented, Caroline Ghetes, and I found out she and her husband Alin were   traveling from North Carolina to Parsippany NJ to shoot an epic Indian wedding, and I was asked if I would like to 2nd shoot.  I jumped at the chance.  It's always fun to work with other photographers, and also, the traditions, culture, colors, and food of Indian weddings is well known.  Naomi and Aseem's wedding did not let down.  People came from all over the country, and all over the world to attend this wedding.  From the pre-wedding traditions to the insane reception, this wedding was a blast from start to finish.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy. And make sure to check out Caroline's blog post about this wedding here.

This kid needs some further explanation.  There was a 3 piece string band playing during cocktail hour, he walks up and requests that they play "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.  They happily obliged and he broke out with some of the best dance moves I have ever seen, regardless of age.  There was a huge crowd of everyone watching him, and he played up to the crowd.  I couldn't believe how well this kid danced, and he just oozed style.


At it again.



Thank you again to Carolin and Alin Ghetes for letting me come along and shoot, it was a blast.