The Waterview, Monroe, CT Wedding Photography - Heather & Andrew

So I'm a little late on blogging this wedding, but, it's been a busy few months.  Heather & Andrew got married the weekend following Hurricane Sandy.  With all the damage and power outages I was worried that things might not run quite as planned.  Luckily, the venue was able to get power restored a few days before the wedding, and the majority of the guests were able to attend the wedding.  With all the chaos that took place that week, it was a breath of fresh air to see everyone in high spirits and celebrating with Heather & Andrew.  And celebrate they did!

I would also like to issue a special thanks to my good friend Leo Druker, who drove up from Washington DC to fill in for Zack and 2nd shoot this wedding.  Zack was unable to make it due to problems with the hurricane (don't worry, he's fine)