Hello Folks, trying to not slack on blogging so much. Don't have too much to post right now, dealing with a bit of a crisis, my external hard drive had a bit of an injury and is now going through some surgery at a data recovery place. Fingers crossed on not losing any photos.

On a better note however, it was recently my birthday! woohoo ripe old age of 26. It was a great birthday, got some cool toys, my sister came from Virginia to visit. Meg organized a bit of a party for me at a pub in Teaneck. Here are some photos from the day. (none were taken by me, and all on a point and shoot) Not knocking it, but I hold my photography up to a certin standard and I don't want you to think I'm slacking. Enjoy.

Linnea (my sister) and me at "On the Border" for some "Mexican Food" killer Carne Asada Tacos
My beautiful fiance, Meg, and me
Yes, ladies and gentlemen... this is indeed how I roll
Me and my friend of 20+ years, Owen. As a side note, Owen does some of the coolest and most unique sculptures ever.
Meg... Cheers!
Owen and Linnea
Me, Owen, and his girlfriend, Caroline

Meg and Linnea
Me and my sister... neither of us remember this photo being taken... Good birthday