VA take 2

So I recently got back from my 2nd trip down to Virginia Beach in a week and a half. 1600 miles and 24 hours spent in a car since last thursday... nice. Anyway, this time, Meg came with me. My sister's new house is rad, but aside from that, it has some insanely good locations to shoot. Meg was nice enough to let me shoot a few frames of her in a couple of the spots. I am definitely not done with shooting there. Anyway, here are some of the impromptu photos I shot. Also, as a quick side note to any photo nerds that may read this, I am a large proponent of using flashes, and mono light... lighting the crap out of things... these are all natural light. Sometimes you have to know when to shut the flash off.

Ok, so this is a random wall in VA Beach, but the rest are all inside Linnea's house