Kara + Cory

Being a wedding photographer... I read a ton of other wedding photographer's blogs. There is one thing I hate on them. There seems to be some sort of a blog post template that way too many use.

"I shot _______ + ______'s wedding. It was an amazing day with an amazing couple at an amazing location and everyone and everything was just amazing!"

That gets old very quickly. So, onto Kara and Cory's wedding.

They got hitched at the Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ. It seems that everytime I shoot there it rains and is unseasonably cold. But Kara and Cory are no wusses, they sucked it up and still had there ceremony outside... to hell with the guests if there uncomfortable. Aside from that they tolerated the weather outside for us to shoot for a lot longer than they had to.

As I've mentioned before I want my wedding images to be epic and dramatic, these definitely are. Thanks for kicking ass Kara and Cory

This is my favorite image from the day. Nothing like old school dramatic stair spiral stair cases with great light