The Cobleskill Reunion

I spent my first year of college at SUNY Cobleskill...  a miserable little college about half an hour outside of Albany, NY.  The only good thing about that place was the people that lived on the 3rd floor of my dorm, Fake Hall (yes, it was actually called "Fake Hall")  Right after the new year, Sean organized a mini Reunion of some of the better people from that particularly awesome floor.  Sean and his fiance Sarah (whose wedding I'm shooting this year, stoked) G was in from California, and Meg and I.  We went to a bar called the houndstooth in Manhattan, and it was planned on being a very civil sit down over a drink, maybe two, possibly discussing political science, maybe the works of Jane Austin.  As you are about to see, it went EXACTLY as planned.

 This is what we call a "Stuntman Slammer" You snort a line a salt, take a shot of tequila, then someone squeezes the lime into your eye.
 Meg talked G into doing a Stuntman Slammer.  Sarah doing the honors with the lime
As you can see... very civilized