Union County Musicfest 2010

So fitting that I'm posting photographs from Musicfest 2010 in 2011.  Similar to last year, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a press pass for the Union County Musicfest.  I gotta say, I was most excited to see Soul Asylum this year, my sister had an unhealthy teenage obsession with Soul Asylum in the early to mid 90's... so needless to say I heard  a lot of Soul Asylum when I was like 12.  You're also going to see some images of The Bravery, OK GO, and Train.  OK GO was awesome and let the photographers shoot for their entire set, rather than the standard 3 songs and get the hell out.  So a big thank you to them.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings...  here are some of my images from the day.  enjoy.

on a side note... the guitarist for Train (the guy in the last photo)  looks exactly like Howie Mandell