Cannot Believe I forgot this

So, I can't believe I forgot this. Not long ago, my good friend Nathan, who happens to be an extremely talented photographer, started what can only be described as a photographic collective. Basically what it is, is a place for photographers, from all over the country and yes, the world to post images, and talk about them. Basically a joint effort blog, invite only.

There are some incredibly talented shooters on there, and some very interesting and diverse work. I'm lucky enough to be friends with the founder, so I got an invite. I post there from time to time. There is usually at least one new post every day. It is so worth checking out. I will warn you though, it is not exactly family friendly all the time. That being said, go look at it, follow it, love it, stalk it.

The Obscura

also, if you want awesome free buttons or stickers, let me know and I will get you some