Natalie & Eric - Hoboken Engagement Photographer

Natalie & Eric embody awesome.  They are two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet, and after spending about 2 minutes with them, you can tell that they are definitely in love and are absolutely perfect for each other.  They also have a great story about how they ended up together, that spans about 15 years.  We were originally supposed to shoot on a day that turned out to be horribly cold and rainy and Natalie definitely made the right decision in rescheduling, because that first day turned into the October snow storm in the north east.   The day we rescheduled for turned out to be great, and we had an awesome time walking around Hoboken.  I'm really having a hard time waiting for next season to start so I can get into these amazing weddings.  Till then, enjoy Natalie and Eric's engagement session