Best of 2011

It has reached that time, the time to look back upon 2011.  These are a collection of my favorite photos from the year, and not just wedding photos, although there are a ton in there, but there are also a good portion of personal photos, photos of my family, photos of my wife.  These photos definitely represent my entire year.    Strap in, because this is a long blog post, but, considering the staggering number of photos I took this year, I think I did a pretty damn good job narrowing it down.   There are some people I need to thank because this year and many of the photos would not have been possibly without them.  So a huge thank you goes out to Brad Ross, Caroline Ghetes, Brian and Charlie with The Bleu StudioZack DelauneShari DeAngelo, my entire family, my wife's entire family, and every person that was nice enough to step in front of my lens and let me take their photo.  Most importantly I would like to thank my wife, Meg,  I don't want to know where I would be without her... and she deserves a medal for her constant support and patience with me.


So, here's to 2011, and the way 2012 is looking, it's going to be even better...  even if I don't get to go back to Europe... but that wouldn't hurt.