Marrisa and Anthony

I always enjoy getting a call from Brian at the Bleu Studio, asking if I want to help out and 2nd shoot a wedding for them. 2nd shooting is great because you can play around a little more and there is less responsibility.

Anyway, onto the wedding. Anthony and Marissa were married on Long Island, which is geographically close to me... but in terms of driving it's a hike, having to deal with things like the G.W. Bridge, The Bronx, and the Long Island Expressway, that being said, it was totally worth it. After the ceremony at a gorgeous old Catholic Church, we headed to The Vanderbilt Mansion (if you watch Crocodile Dundee 2, it's the crazy huge house he breaks into) for photos, then onto The Hamlet Country Club for the reception. Long day, but a good one.

Something I have been trying to do with my photography is make it Epic... make it insane... make each wedding I shoot better than the last, I think I'm getting there. Here's some of the Epicness from Marissa and Anthony's wedding.